About Me

This is me..and my colours. The colours that make each day different, special.

My love for colours began the day I was born, 23 years ago- on a grey day in grumpy pastel blue skies in a grey concrete communist-built hospital in my beautiful Roman hometown. 

Born in grey, brought up in a rainbow, a crazy colourful family where days were either all black or bright and sparkling- no medium, no half-felt emotions. My family is loud but my family is also very quiet sometimes. 

My grandfather was a red rose-my role model, my rock, my General always with his thorns sharp but his leaves-silk soft. My grandmother- a white delicate but pompous hydrangea, always noticeable and always loving and way too caring. My grandparents were but in my heart they still are. 

My parents, my best friends- always together, always opposing each other- beautiful sunflowers, facing the sun, but always at different times of the day. 

Now in my pursue of happiness and never ending dreams that last as long as a cherry blossom , I have found a new Roman city-less grey but no less special- my Bath, my bath of colours and flowers, cocktails and tastes, clothes and shoes, hysterical laughters and crystal tears.

Exploring my BathOfColours with my blue-eyed prince- his colours? A bright Union Jack I guess, blue, red and white- my complete opposite, my harshest critic and love of my life..

Welcome to my Bath of Colours, make yourselves at home.