Follow Me To: The Beautiful Bulgarian Seaside

We often don’t appreciate the places we are used to and the Bulgarian seaside is terribly underestimated by me and my family. We know it so well and have finished exploring its beauty so long ago that when we go there is more like returning to a second home that is always there to offer you peace and quiet after a long year of hard work.

However, ever since I moved to the U.K. I have slowly but surely began to appreciate how unique and special it is. That’s why I was really looking forward to this year’s holiday with my parents returning to the same old beach that has always been so welcoming to the three of us,  a place where we built a lot of our best memories as a family and that always brings me back that amazing carefree feeling from my childhood.

We booked a very reasonably priced hotel right by the beach with gorgeous views of the sea; days accompanied by seagulls’ cheerful angry songs and nights filled with music from the nearby pubs… Five days there without any responsiblities or problems- just good food, sun, laughter and reminiscing of our past 23 years of being a family…

If you haven’t been on a holiday with your parents as a grownup, I strongly advise you to do so as there is no better feeling than having a drink with your parents and seeing them without the oreols of being caretakers. You see them free and relaxed and get to learn things you never realized as a kid. 

But more to the point, if you have not looked into going to the Bulgarian seaside before, then DO IT NOW! Find a place on the map that is not included in any holiday packages, pick a cheap hotel on the seafront and prepare yourself for the tirelessness of the Bulgarian sun, the hot soft sand under your feet and the countless independent bars, cafes and restaurants where locals offer fresh fish, traditional Bulgarian dishes and craft beers. I guarantee you that your only disappointment will be the quality of the airports and the grumpy attitude of most taxi drivers and one or two miserable waitresses… But that’s a small price to pay for the lovely time you would have and your hours in the warm salty waters of the Black Sea.

If you don’t trust my charming blogger chat, please see below for yourself!



Ravda, Bulgaria


Cheese in bacon on the BBQ, best served with plenty of lemon!

It is also a great place to satisfy your photography passion.,

Traditional Bulgarian salad- roasted peppers, garlic yoghurt, red onions and skinless tomatoes!

I loooove picking shells- not only super relaxing but a great way to get some tan too!

Me at my happiest- wind in my hair, salt on my skin aaaand a tummy full of all my favorite Bulgarian dieshes!


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