A Saturday In The Life Of Me

I have always thought that next to the word Saturday in the dictionary it should say in bold capital letters HEAVEN!

I love this day of the week so much that I wake up unnecessarily early so that it could last longer. My eyes are wide open and sparkling with excitement before the clock hits 8 am. After a quick check on my social media accounts, I jump on my feet and get my self a nice milky cup of coffee. I wait a couple of minutes before my first sip so that the flat could absorb the beautiful sweet smell. I sit down in piece and look out of the window listening to the joyful song of the seagulls. Sometimes they have arguments too.

I save the healthy breakfast options for during the week and on a weekend I always treat myself to ham and cheese toastie or sausage and egg bun. They take a while to be made properly but give me such a boost and make my tummy so happy. At this point the TV is now on and I always choose one of those overly positive early time programmes. 

Once food is already gone, I go back to bed and snuggle in while trying to decide what to do with my day.

And then I get ready. Choosing clothes is as easy as it gets. Jeans are a must because I miss them dearly during my long work days in terribly boring and uncomfortable business attire. Saturday’s my chance to wear all colours in the rainbow and put some effort in my make up. Weekends are the only time to the week I don’t mind looking at myself in the mirror.

Hand cream and lip balm in my handbag, I shut the door behind me and I am out to treat myself to the things I love.

Be it a sunny garden or a cozy little café, coffee is my first stop whatever I am doing on a Saturday. That’s right! A second morning coffee! I usually have at least 5 during the day. Oops! It’s always either flat white or latte with a generous spoon of sugar!

What follows then is slow pace walk around all possible charity shops, furniture and accessories shops and pretty much any place that catches my eye! If I am on my own this gets mixed up with more coffee and potentially lots of street food (hot dogs are my THING). However, if Matt has decided to gift me with his presence, the number of shops drops dramatically, cafés turn into pubs and hot dogs are usually replaced by steaks… 

I don’t like staying out too late on a Saturday and love a bit of Telly when we get home with filled happy tummies and sore feet. Living on the edge, I know!

That’s about it. There is an amazing verb in Bulgarian which is literally translated into “nothingdoing”. I love exercising this verb!  

How do you guys like spending your Saturday? Are you more adventurous? Have you got any advise for me? 

I would love to hear from you all!



When I say unhealthy breakfast, I MEAN IT!
One of the best cups I’ve ever had!

My only shopping today- fresh blackberries.

Handbag essentials: white jasmine hand cream! I am obsessed!

You can see anything and everything here…

A summer does not pass without gallons of elderflower presse!!!

Caribbean food in the sun is as close to a holiday as I can get right now…

The very minute I bought my ice cream, the sun was gone for good (well for bad but you know what I mean..)


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