Follow Me To: Bradford-on-Avon

Last weekend was a Bank Holiday weekend here in England. This means that we had Monday off and boy did I need this little tiny break from all things grown-up.

Weather was horrible for most of our 72 hours of freedom but for the one day when it was a bit better, we decided to head to Bradford-on-Avon. It is a small town 15 minutes away on the train from where we live. Apparently there are less than  10,000 residents and its picturesque location by a canal attracts a large number of tourists. I think it has got more to do with the excessive number of quirky pubs, cute cafes and boutique shops… Well, that’s the reason why it appealed to me…

We headed there for lunch and the sun decided to pay us a visit once we got off the train. Of course this required celebratory drinks in the nearest pub. I opted for a coffee while Matt stuck to his favorite cider.

What followed were short walks and me popping into all the lovely little shops, taking lots of photos, Matt getting annoyed with my constant photography stops and then more pubs and cute cafes…



By cute cafes, I do mean CUTE cafes!
My favorite object for photos!
And another portrait of a daisy!
One of those shops where you want to buy EVERYTHING!!!
France is that you?!
You can’t beat a glass of bubbles on a sunny Sunday!
Can you think of something more British?
As a tourist you should always look up!
Ready! Set! Shop!
The famous canal!
Even the doors were cute!
More flowers…
I am not sure how I feel about this folk band..

Nah thanks, I will stick to Google Maps!


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