My Guide To A Sun-Sational Summer

It is finally here! The time of the year when life gets a little bit better, skin turns a little bit darker and fashion goes a little bit crazier! SUMMER! Finally! 

Needless to describe why it is my favorite time of the year, I am sure you have heard it all before by fellow sun junkies. But is there anything better than the sun light kissing your skin, your bright colourful wardrobe saying good morning every day and the heartwarming taste of ice cold ice cream? I don’t think so! 

Although in England summer is not exactly summer, people here know how to enjoy it. They cherish every single minute (and by single I mean it is usually just that single minute) the sun pops out to say hello, and have come up with loads of different ways to celebrate its visit. Back home we take good weather for granted and often start complaining that it’s too good… but now that I live here I have learnt to appreciate those sunny weekends much more.

Enough of my rumblings, let’s get down to business! Today’s gorgeous weather inspired me to share with you my guide to a Sun-sational summer wherever in the world you are! 


Summer is the only time when that superfood smoothie in the colour of baby yuck will actually taste okay! It is hot, you need something light and refreshing. Your body is no longer disgusted with fruit and salad and will actually be very grateful if you could hydrate it with something natural and light unlike those cold, grumpy, rainy December evenings when the world hates you and only a warm takeaway could make you feel loved again… I have already started changing my diet in preparation for summer detox, have you?


My summer look philosophy is F.E.E.L:

– Foundation (look for a light and airy product, I opt for L’Oréal Paris True Match Liquid Foundation)

-Eyes (Mascara+ Neuttral Eyeshadow, simples! My choice-Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara 01 Very Black 9.5ml and Max Factor Colour Precision Eyeshadow Pearl Beige

-Eyebrows (Frame of our faces ladies, do not ignore! I go for Rimmel London Brow This Way Eyebrow Kit 3.3g Mid Brown 002)

-Lips (Any colour, any brand but currently obsessed with Maybelline SuperStay24H Dual Lipstick 240 Plum Seduction 9m)


Now is the time to wear all those crazy outfits that seemed inappropriate all year! Summer gives us girls a freedom to release our inner child and spread positivity through vibrant colours and bold statement jewelery. So make sure you experiment and let your imagination go wild, this is the only season when fashion crimes can go unnoticed! My favorite summer colours are coral, turquoise, gold, white, mint and yellow! 


So your plans would highly depend on the weather outside (especially if you live in England!). The best day to check it is Wednesday because a) planning your weeekend on the most depressing day of the week is not a bad idea b) it gives you enough time to change plans c) it’s closer to the day so it should hopefully be accurate. Don’t use the iPhone weather app because it’s as reliable as that one friend who would leave you on your own in a club when the first semi-hot guy starts talking to her…


Always check what events are being held around you! Google is the obvious option but for best results join relevant Facebook groups and search on Instagram. Local Instagramers and bloggers know all the good places and events. Furthermore, they’re the best source of restaurant reviews and cafe recommendations. 

Last weekend I attended the Bath Independent Market which was so much fun! If you ever come here, make sure you check it out! You can read more here.


It won’t last last forever so don’t waste your time worrying about your ‘beach body’ or what you are supposed to do. There is no right way to enjoy the sun! If you want to binge on Netflix in the garden then do it, or like me, spend most of it in the pubs with a drink, THEN GO FOR IT!

P.S: if you would like to see more of me and my everyday adventures, feel free to follow me on Instagram- BathOfColours



My beautiful Bath in the sun!

Elderflower cooler is the perfect remedy for heat waves.

Light and healthy food can also be quite yummy!

Nature wakes up too!

A meal in itself – hazelnut ice cream!

Book stores are the perfect place to cool down…

A coffee in the sun…

And more nature…

You can see all sorts of things in summer!

Make sure you attend all summer events. I loved the Bath Independent Market!


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