My Best Charity Shop Finds: Accessories 

My shopping therapy involves loads of hours spent in charity shops and second hand/vintage boutiques! There is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable for me to look through people’s crap and IT’S OK! I used to be ashamed of that because back in Bulgaria it was seen as a place where only poor people shop. And to be fair my family didn’t exactly had it easy financially when I was a teenager… My only hope to wear the brands my friends were wearing laid in the second hand shops. So I did what I had to do- I  went to the shops only in unsociable hours at the weekend and most of the time I was sweating that a classmate might see me go into one of those shops and reveal my dirty vintage wardrobe secret… 

It took me years to be able to admit it and actually be proud that I can get to wear nice  (despite being a bit worn out) clothes at low prices. I stopped dreading the question “Oh, that’s a nice top, where did you get that from?” (to which I always used to reply that I was given by a mysterious relative who lives abroad and brings me loads of presents) and started embracing it and enjoying sharing my best finds with my friends.

So quite naturally, I decided to share with you guys my best charity shop finds which include some very interesting items. Today I will focus on accessories and if you are interested one time I could maybe do a separate post on clothes?

These are things I have bought in the past year and that I have grown to love and take pride in. I will be putting the actual price and the price I got them for just to make it all a bit more interesting. 

So let’s start then…


This is my biggest ever find. I mean, it’s CÈLINE people!!! I would never, ever be able to afford anything else from this brand. I bought it last summer in one of the bigger second hand shops in Bulgaria where handbags are just thrown into a massive pile and you have to dig like crazy to find something. Things are priced per kilo so you can imagine how cheap I got it for… I was over the moon! Despite the signs of wear, it was evident that the bag is original. I did a quick search on my phone as I was heading for the counter and it turns out it is  from the late 1960s, I was holding a piece of history in my hands! Aside from the fact that its bloody tiiiiny, its a very wearable bag. Timeless black with gold hardware, what more could a girl want? I cannot find the exact same bag online which makes me think it is even more special but from what I have seen, similar bags go for around £600 (see here). It cost me the equivalent of £2. If that is not a good enough reason to run to the nearest charity shop, then I don’t know what would be?! Photos of my black and gold baby below:

This is one of my most recent buys from a small shop just up the road from where we live. I popped there just to pass sometime while waiting for Matt to come back home from work on a rainy miserable weekend. The shop itself was quite messy and not very well organisms. But this beautiful sophisticated lady stood out from all the dusty items. As soon as I lifted it off the shelf, I was in love- the bag is so light and soft and instantly gives you a very mature. It branding inside (that’s how I know that a bag is of high quality) said Jane Shilton, a London based brand which creates stunning pieces. I bought it for exactly £6.99  and later on found out that the original cost is around £50-£60. Not bad yeah?

I love everything Ted Baker! There is something about their products that really clicks with me, there is a lot of life and character in them. I had been after one of their makeup bags for forever (I just wasn’t ready to spend that much money on something that would stay hidden in my cosmetics drawer) when the miracle happened. Another day, another charity shop! This pink beauty immediately caught my eye and 2 minutes later it was lid for and in my shopping bag… FOR £1! And it was absolutely brand new, 0 sign of use! It was my lucky day. For comparison see here for price of a similar new piece.


Okay, this one is a mystery even for me… I still haven’t worked out where it is an original piece or fake… I sort of don’t want to because it will ruin my enthusiasm a little bit. But I don’t really care, fake or not, the design and quality are amazing! For those of you who are not familiar with Mulberry, it is an English brand founded by Roger Saul in 1971 in Somerset, England. Their craftsmanship is unheard of and their designs are to die for. Hence, the price tags can give you a heart attack. So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this purse sat lonely on a shelf in a British Heart Foundation shop here in Bath. I was trying to count the leaves on the tree in their logo when I realized that it was too nice not to buy- real or fake. Two minutes later and £5.95 down I had new purse/ wallet and my desire for Mulberry was sort of satisfied:

So these were my top findings! I have many more but I wanted to test the water and see if you guys would find it an interesting read? Please do let me know if you found it useful and I can share more of my tips for shopping second hand stuff.

I would love to hear if you have ever bought anything vintage and what your favorites are? 




6 thoughts on “My Best Charity Shop Finds: Accessories 

  1. Amazing findings! 🙂 Oh I need to go back to second hands store, used to shop there all the time and find beautiful stuff 🙂 Nothing is better to feel that excitement when you find some really awesome things for such a little price!

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