Tuesday (Un)Inspiration

It is Tuesday night now. I have been beating myself up for not being able to produce a meaningful post for the past few days and I am now struggling to count the number of times I sat down trying to write something I am proud of and that I would think would be an enjoyable read for you guys…

I have so many ideas but after a long day at work I am struggling to find that little sparkle within that lightens up when I pour my soul into a post.

I have come to realize that inspiration comes from within and that no mater how hard it is to find it after cooking dinner, washing 56784345 dishes and moaning about your long day, you cannot just force it.

So instead of writing a meaningless post that I would not even like myself, I decided to sit down and make notes of all the things I am passionate about and would like to share with you. I thought bringing some structure to my thoughts would awaken my inspiration and help me bring to reality all my great and not so great ideas.

So today instead of me sharing my life hacks with you I ask you to share with me what keeps you going and inspires you to push your blogs forward? I could do with advise on this and would love you to share what you like reading about and what you would find useful and interesting if it popped up in your feed?

I hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday which apparently is ‘the new Friday’  so I am definitely having a drink to celebrate it!




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