Follow Me To: Octoberfest (Kind Of) 

Here we are on a Thursday night wearing our work clothes at a pop up festival – Octoberfest Bath style. My shiny smart flats and formal trousers in absolute contrast to the prevailing faded baggy jeans and worn out Converse of most girls here. Matt’s dusty construction outfit is totally out of place too.

I was walking back home after a long day at work determined to buy something quick&easy for dinner and get into bed as soon as I fed my unhappy tummy…But then I saw this fantastic pop up festival right in the middle of way home- long decorated tables surrounded by fairy lights, a mobile beer van in one corner and even a Bratwurst grill in the other!

I love small festivals like this and the amazing atmosphere there. The quirky boys and girls, the amazing band that was what I would imagine the love child between The XX and London Grammar to sound like. 

All of a sudden it was no longer Thursday and I no longer had an office job, I was part of something intimate and special, an escape in the heart of the city. We both had a fantastic night and got back home with big smiles on our faces, although I have to admit waking up on Friday was no job for the light-hearted! 

But now I will just leave you with a few photos and would love to hear if you ever had such unexpected little adventures?



P.S: I know the photos are not great ( I was completely unprepared without my camera!) and I wasn’t going to do another ‘Follow Me To’ post for a while but I genuinely felt like sharing this day with you guys. 


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