My Love-Hate Relationship With Sundays

It is Sunday evening and I am just about to start cooking dinner. This means only one thing- the weekend is OVER!

My 48 hours of freedom have slipped through my fingers and there’s not much I can do about it except look at the photos from our beautiful weekend and wish that I could press a pause button, but I can’t. All I can do is share with you those colourful moments and come back to read this post after a long hard day at work…

I love Sundays because that’s the only time that I am sure Matt won’t be working. Sunday is his favorite day of the week so we always make sure we make the most of them. We always go out for a walk and drink or coffee and we often eat out so I don’t have to worry about about planning a meal and doing all the dishes. 

However, that Sunday evening feeling always kills my vibe and I end up worrying about Monday and my work week so much that it ruins the day a little bit. But I am learning to switch off and just enjoy the moment.

Today was one of the most peaceful days w shave had recently. We woke up at 9 am and I did breakfast-scrambled egg on toast with avocado and tomatoes (let me know if you would like to know the recipe). A coffee for me and a cup of tea for him. Matt then had a power nap while I caught up on my crappy reality programmes. 

We then got ready and headed to the park to feed the ducks. The sun came out to say Hello so we sat down on the grass surrounded by families, kids and dogs running around. What more could you ask for?

After a shot stroll around the park it was time for a drink: wild berries and chia seeds smoothie for me and a beer for him. Quick look around the shops and time for lunch – Kingston pulled chicken toasties and spicy fries. We shared. This doesn’t happen often as we are both massive foodies and food is never enough.

Sun was shining brighter and brighter so we bought a few drinks and headed to another park to play table tennis and enjoy one final kisss from the sun rays. 

And this was it. Now it is time to wait for next Sunday and another portion of mixed feelings…




8 thoughts on “My Love-Hate Relationship With Sundays

  1. What a nice Sunday! Great pictures too! I totally relate to that worrying on Sunday for what’s to come on Monday/: no good, but it looks like your Sunday prevailed!


    1. Thank you girl! I think us women are more sensitive to those things as we care too much! Thank you for stopping by and I will be sure to check on your fantastic feed regularly!

      P.S: I hope you have a peaceful week and lovely weekend too!

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  2. Lovely pictures! I really need to try chia seeds, people rave about them for health lol. My Sunday’s are either super chill and relaxed or really boring and depressing


    1. Thank you so much darling! I am not the healthiest person but I do like trying new things. I have to admit that they taste of absolutely nothing and are quite dangerous as they get terribly stuck in between your teeth hihi.

      Same here! Sundays are great when you haven’t got much to do on a Monday…

      Thanks for stopping by, your feed is awesome. See you around xox

      Liked by 1 person

      1. πŸ‘πŸ½ for the warning lol! Definitely don’t want the surprise annoyance of little seeds stuck in my teeth. & Thank you so much, see ya


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