Why I Hate Time Off Work…

As I am seeing Sunday out and my few days off work slipping away sat in bed with a cup of tea, I can’t help but think that somehow I did not make the most of my time off. 

We have so little time off work that when we do, it is so overwhelming that we often end up not enjoying it; not to mention the crippling thought of that first day back at work which feels worse than 100 Monday’s at once and sort of makes you want to hang yourself on the keyboard’s cable…

So, tomorrow is the last of my 5 days off, and I am trying not to think about the day after. Unsuccessfully.  

In a bid to distract myself and prolong my holiday, I thought I would share with you guys the highlights of the last few days- there would have been more if we actually stuck to our plans and went for a holiday by the seaside. However, Matt had to work (on his birthday!) and we ended up canceling. This kind of turned a blessing in disguise as it has been raining pretty much 24/7 and the sun has been really shy this weekend (this is the ONLY time I have appreciated the Great British weather as if it was nice and sunny, I would have eaten my heart out!)

So we stayed in Bath and tried to make the most of it, which in our case involved loads of nice coffees, exploring the local pubs and eating out at least once a day, every single day. I am not complaining, but my wallet on the other hand, definitely is…

How do you guys cope with going back to work after time off? Is it as traumatic for you as it is for me?



Could you possibly think of a better way to start your day?

Now I have to admit, I am more of a ‘cocktail girl’ but nothing can beat an ice cold glass of white!

I cannot get enough of spring flowers!

One of the very few meals I’ve cooked the past few days- scrambled eggs with zucchini, spinach and yellow peppers! Add a little bit of sour cream while cooking and have with a bit of fresh tomatoes and basil! Thank me later!
A glass of prosecco on a Sunday is sort of mandatory!
Um more fizz?
Boy vs Girl.
Aaand- Her Majesty Sunday Roast!


4 thoughts on “Why I Hate Time Off Work…

  1. Yea I totally hear you on that. I call it the weekend blues. I think you just make the monday more bearable with things you’re already doing. Having a nice coffee in the morning and going out for lunch with a colleague. Little things to help I guess? Great piece!


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