My Unhealthy Relationship With Instagram

OK, lets face it- we are all social animals desperately striving for public approval and appreciation whether we admit it or not.

My relationship with Instagram is not ‘physical’, I do not pout at my Snapchat camera for hours trying to take a photo in which I look unrealistically better, and I definitely don’t take photos in my underwear for the crack of it.

However, I do want to have a massive following, get sent free shit and make all the losers with normal 9 to 5 office jobs (my sad self at the moment) eat their hearts out and wish they were me. #goals

Sometimes I hate myself for it and spending hours perfecting pictures of my daily life for the approval of people I will never meet.  I have been ridiculed by my friends for taking photos of my food, drinks, shoes etc. but I have come to a realization that it is not for them that I want the photo to be perfect or that one guy from the Far East who always drops me coments in Arabic expecting I will understand him (duuuuh), it is for ME. 

Instagram may not pay my bills and get me free meals (just yet) but it feeds my creativity that has been badly bruised ever since I started my 9 to 5 office job . It materializes my passion for photography and helps me reach people all over the world.

One thing I’m struggling with is accepting that I can’t get thousands of followers over night and perhaps my life is not as interesting to people as I thought it would be. So here comes my frustration..

I have tried it all-follow for follow, earn followers and the other rubbish. The result is one- loads of wasted hours on my phone and no reward whatsoever because none of those people actually cared about my passion.

But here I am today, gaining slowly but surely a few followers, posting the photos I like-no pouty selfies, no provocative photos, just me and my life the way I see it.

What is your experience with social media? Did you ever feel dragged into doing things just for the follow?

P.S: in case you want to check out my boring Instagram feed:  BathOfColours




5 thoughts on “My Unhealthy Relationship With Instagram

  1. I agree with you. Lot of my friends get pissed when I take food photos etc but they envy my life. Social media has given me a nudge and I think had it not been for it, my blog wouldn’t have been known as much as it is today..xx


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