Fragments Of My Home

To me being invited into someone’s home has always been a massive honor and privilege. 

Homes are this sacred harbor for our souls where we rest our tired eyes and forget our daily worries, where we create memories with those we love and where we lick our wounds. 

The place you call home is a mirror of your soul and a museum of  all the things you love. Therefore, I have decided to invite you to my home that me and Matt have created with so much love and a little bit of help from a few interior magazines and loads of charity shops. 

Perhaps it will help you get to know me and  the way I am, or maybe you will get a few interior ideas for your own little harbors.

I would love it if you share with me what inspired your interior and what your favorite home fragments are?


  • Georgia 

One of my Christmas presents from Matt’s mother. A gentle clue what a crazy cat lady I am.
One of my favorite plants which requires 0 TLC!
One of my best charity shop buys ever that brings that little bit of class into our home.
Matt’s passion for golf can be seen all around the flat but I’m quite glad it matches my love for all things blue!
Did I mentioned I’m a crazy cat lady?!
Enjoying my new orchid while she’s still alive because somehow I always manage to kill them. Any advise?
A flower somebody had dropped on the street and I thought I would adopt it.
My favorite tulips!
My beautiful grandparents just before their wedding day, I look at this photo and I know they are here..
My Easter decorations that are far too cute to take off.
My baby avocado that I have been looking after.
I spent far too much money for this door stop but it was totally worth it!
I got this mugs for Matt for one of our anniversaries and they could be an easy DIY project for you!
I’ve got a strong emotional bond with this rosemary as I’ve been growing it from seeds.
A great idea how to make use of your Christmas decorations even in summer!


4 thoughts on “Fragments Of My Home

    1. Thank you so much, I found the frame at a little charity shop and thought it was perfect. I look at them everyday and feel a stronger, better person!

      Thank you for stopping by, you write beautifully!

      Georgia xoxo


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