“You Don’t Need A Silver Fork To Eat Good Food.”

I have always loved food more than your average bear. I was brought up in a family where dinners were turned into rituals and weekend lunches were a welcomed opportunity for my mother and grandmother to show off their skills. This resulted in a few extra kilos on my belly and a complete revolt of all microwave meals and suspicious takeaways.

You’d think this is all well and good, and so did I, but I have discovered that culinary skills are not inherited and you have to put in a little blood and tears into the whole process before you can cook a whole meal for two without any massive disasters.

I will never forget the first complicated meal I tried to cook- a Merry Berry chicken and lemon risotto. I followed the recipe step-by-step, dedicating 4 hours of my Sunday to the bloody thing. And then…it was  ready- my first meal from scratch! What a moment of overwhelming pride! If only it did not taste like paracetamol.. how I managed that I will never know but I will not forget my good 10 minutes of sobbing over the sloppy horrible mess I cooked. 

I am still learning but pretty much everything I cook now is more or less edible. And if not, at least I tried…

Get in your kitchens ladies and try things, get messy and bring colours to your plates and taste to your pallets! Because it is much better eating your own crap than that of the takeaway man with unreliable hygienic habits! 

Please feel free to share your worst disasters and best accomplishments in the kitchen!



Sea Bass fillets in soy and ginger sauce with thymes scented roast potatoes and baby spinach.


3 thoughts on ““You Don’t Need A Silver Fork To Eat Good Food.”

  1. I am very into cooking and luckily I have less and less disasters. But my sin is that I always burn things. Whenever I bake something I need to put thousands of alarms on my mobile not to forget it… and still I sometimes do, so often the result of it is coal alike dishes, haha
    Lovely post!

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    1. Hi Anja, I am guilty of this too but my secret is to always set the oven’s timer 2 minutes earlier and 10 degrees lower!

      I am sure that even if they are coal alike, your dishes are still yummy!

      Thank you for stopping by! Love your blog🙂

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