Nature Does Not Hurry And Yet Everything Is Accomplished 

“Nature Does Not Hurry And Yet Everything Is Accomplished”.   

 I read this quote while sat in a beatiful park on my rushed lunch break and it made me stop and think about my inpatient soul, my desire to have everything right now, my failure to do a million things at once and the heavy anxiety I get if I can’t sort all my problems within the minute.

It is a struggle we alll grew up with, brought up in a net of unrealistic expectations, brainwashed that we should have jobs by the age of 22, we should be settiling down in our early thirties, we should buy a house as soon as, and basically we must have our lives sorted by our mid thirties.

I was always obsessed with the idea to get it  all done as soon as I possibly can, thinking life is all butterflies and roses, and that within a few years I’ll have it all, but I don’t and it’s not butterflies and roses.. It is, as the poet once said, ‘tough shit’ out there and it gets tougher by the day. 

So how are we supposed to have it all, right here, right now when it’s all against us and time is never enough? We are not.

Truth be told, the more you rush something, the worse it comes out (e.g the cheese soufflés I made the other weekend). 

So, my point is, we take example of no other than her majesty Mother Nature. Flowers and cherry trees only blossom when there’s enough water and sun, not just because their time has come.  It’s not easy to learn, but I am- things take time to come to us and even when they do take a little longer, they still come. Hopefully my lottery win will not take too long… 

Are you my fellow impatient ‘anxieters’ or have you already managed to find your “dzen”?




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