The Place I Am Now Trying To Call Home 

For someone so santimental and reluctant to change, I’ve had a few pretty adventurous years moving from one city to another. 

Today, the place I call home is Bath, which according to the most reliable source of knowledge I am aware of – Wikipedia, is : ” a town set in the rolling countryside of southwest England, known for its natural hot springs and 18th-century Georgian architecture.

To me Bath is a never ending honey-colored love story which starts the moment I leave my tiny lickle flat and ends the moment I close my tired blue eyes at night.

If you have been here, you know what I mean, if you haven’t, then you owe yourself a few days in my fairytale.

Bath is always bright, its shops are always busy, somehow it’s always happy hour in the bars and there’s always a new restaurant to try and a new coffee flavor to taste.  Aaaand, therefore my bank account is always on the verge of having a silent heart attack..

It might not be my home forever, but damn right I am going to enjoy every sunny afternoon sat with a latte and carrot cake, every rainy morning exploring the covered markets and every night thanking my lucky star that this is now my home…




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